Royal Storyteller Gary Corbin

Royal Storyteller

An experienced Resident Expert and Game Director, Gary also spins yarns about the company as a whole. Need information? Call Gary.

Gary started with the company as a Resident Expert, specializing in the Best of Portland and Beyond Bizarre Tours. An award-winning beer geek, he loves leading the Beervana Walking Tours and Coach Tours, which he'll do any time. It's always five o'clock somewhere.

An experienced team builder with loads of improv and theater experience, Gary is an energetic master of ceremonies and game director. He specializes in making rules funny. And making up funny rules. In short, his rules, rule.

He also leads the charge when it comes to the company's Official Message™. If you have a question about us, he's the right person to ask first. As Royal Storyteller, after all, he has the ear of the king. (It's hidden... don't tell the king where it is.)


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