Freewheel Build-a-Bike CSR Event


Participants overcome hilarious obstacles to build bikes to benefit underprivileged inner city youth.

In this fun activity, your teams will create something far more memorable than a bike. They'll create smiles on the faces of needy kids.

This is not your typical philanthropic build-a-bike event. Competing in a series of zany challenges that will get everyone laughing, participants assemble and outfit brand-new bikes for needy kids.

But it's not just wrenches and handlebars. In fact, we eliminate the fiddling with gears and grease and make it far more about communication, teamwork, and using limited time wisely. Your guests must decipher clues to puzzle out the answers to coded challenges - and that's just to get tools and supplies. Our games bring out the inner cheerleader, diplomat, and playground artist in even the shyest conference attendee. We'll have your guests wearing silly hats, chanting made-up slogans and drawing with crayons while their pile of parts takes the shape of a shiny new bike.

Then comes the best part. We partner with great organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs (or a charity of your choosing) to arrange the most special moment of all. At the end of the event, unsuspecting underprivileged and at-risk boys and girls wheel off with their own brand-new bike, helmet and lock with smiles so wide you can't miss them through your own tears of joy.

(Shhh…keep it a secret)

As one of our "Games to Go," we can bring Freewheel to your meeting site, be it in your own facility, area hotels, the Convention Center, or any meeting venue that has large open spaces for the festivities. Your group doesn't have to travel for charitable giving to be in your program.

But don't just take our word for it. See the game in action for yourself.

All these smiles could be yours if you call us today to book your special Freewheel date.


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