Sheppard's Dell Bridge, Columbia Gorge Historic Highway, Oregon

Columbia Gorge and Waterfalls Coach Tour

Experience first-hand the beauty and grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge.

The breathtaking vistas, man-made wonders, and ancient history of the Columbia River Gorge will allow your guests to unwind after a hectic conference and busy schedule in Portland.

Let our Resident Experts take your group on an informative and comfortable tour of one of America’s greatest and most ancient waterways, where mountains rise 4,000 feet along the only sea-level passage through the imposing Cascade Range. This tour retraces Lewis and Clark’s epic journey through the Columbia River Gorge, the nation's only official National Scenic Area, along Oregon’s Historic Scenic Highway. It offers visitors the opportunity to step outside Portland and explore the wonders and rich history of this ice-age-carved passage.

Highlights include:

  • Vista House on Crown Point, perhaps the most beautiful travelers’ rest station ever built, perched ominously atop sheer cliffs hundreds of feet above the Columbia River
  • Multnomah Falls, at 620 feet, the largest and most picturesque of the seventy-seven waterfalls lining the Oregon side of the gorge
  • Bonneville Dam, one of the gorge’s man-made wonders, generating electricity for thousands of residents and businesses while protecting the native Northwest salmon swimming upstream to spawn
  • Discussions of the region's engrossing history, including Lewis and Clark's journey, the story of the historic highway, tales from the once-dangerous Oregon Trail, and Native American life and lore
  • Breathtaking views of the Columbia Gorge from above and up-close, providing different but always spectacular views and photo opportunities of the area's natural splendor, its many accessible waterfalls, and the snow-capped Cascade Mountains

By arrangement for private groups only.

Contact Us for a detailed itinerary.

Minimum Tour Length: 4.5 hours
Additional Information

Lunch at Multnomah Falls Inn or boxed lunch (at traveler's expense).

Additional Stops

One of the country’s natural treasures, the adjacent Multnomah Falls Lodge, is an optional and beautiful opportunity for a lunch stop.


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