Beyond Bizarre Walking Tour

Beyond Bizarre Walking Tour

Take a walk on the paranormal side on this fun night-time adventure full of unexplained mysteries, ghostly adventures, and spooky stories.

Unexplained mysteries, paranormal adventures, and spooky stories abound on this night-time adventure sure to elicit laughs from both the true believer and the hardened skeptic. Fans of TV shows like "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Adventures", or "Paranormal State" will find this tour of Portland's spookiest sites to be an unforgettable bonding experience and a memorable way to cap a day of productive meetings.

At the start of this tour, we'll hand out real ghost-hunting equipment just like that used by professionals. We'll then visit known ghostly places and get behind the scenes into what hauntings are all about.

Unlike other ghost tours, this is not a theatrical performance where we carry lanterns and dress up in period costumes. Beyond Bizarre is a true view into the reality of paranormal investigations, the equipment and techniques used, and how we separate the truth from hoaxes. Whether believer or skeptic, people of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome on this tour.

Our highly trained Resident Experts will lead you on adventures such as:

  • Looking for Nina, a former "working girl" who is known to haunt the 1888 Merchant Hotel
  • Discussions of the different types of hauntings including Residuals, Object Hauntings, and Poltergeists
  • Getting the real dope on downtown hauntings, murders and other mayhem
  • How to distinguish between authenticated phenomena and hoaxes

We are certified members of the International Ghost Hunters Society and leaders and participants in the local professional Ghostbusters Paranormal Society.

Minimum Tour Length: 2 hours

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