Why Oregon in Winter?

Looking for a great location for a winter conference or meeting? Or, perhaps, just a great travel destination for the colder months?

Portland, Oregon is your meeting winter wonderland.

Portland's great facilities include over 120 hotels - 81 of which Trip Advisor rates as “Business Center” type of facilities - as well as over 1,800 restaurants, a fabulous transportation system and a pedestrian-friendly downtown. We also have over 300 separate attractions and tours available for great getaways between meetings and events.

But that’s true year-round. What makes Portland truly special in winter are the fantastic amenities that bring out the best of the season, such as:

  • No sales tax! Holiday shoppers will love saving money in our stores.
  • Skiing, sledding, tubing and other snow sports on Mt. Hood’s four winter snow sport destinations, within 90 minutes of downtown - and two of them are already open, in time for Thanksgiving!
  • The Holiday Ale Festival, always on the first weekend of December at Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • The Pacific Northwest’s moderate weather - there’s very little snow or ice in the city. We keep it all in the mountains, where it belongs.

As you can see, we at Hometown Advantage love Portland and the Pacific Northwest and we’re happy to tell you why. We’d love to show you in person what makes Portland the best city in the world to be in the winter.


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