Lessons learned from 17 coaches

Recently we had the opportunity to provide extensive custom step-on guide services to a new client. This very fun day involved deploying nearly half of our current crew of 40+ Resident Experts to entertain guests on seventeen motor coaches to a sporting event some three hours away from two downtown starting locations.

We learned some rather interesting lessons:

  • When over 1,000 people sign up to travel by coach for three hours to an event they could watch on TV, a large percentage may cancel.
    • Especially if they live in warmer climates and it is December.
    • A cold day in December.
    • And their favorite team is projected to lose by 30 points.
    • And many of those who do go will leave by halftime.
  • When most of the people who ride on the coach have been wined and dined until late the night before, they tend to be much less responsive to even the most fascinating facts on the coach ride.
    • Especially in the morning.
    • Early in the morning.
  • Sleeping people don't do trivia.
    • Or eat.
    • Even when the food is amazing and plentiful.
    • Except when beer is involved.

We also learned who in our company are sports fans. Or rather, were not sports fans. We are all fans now!


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