Play it Forward

Play it Forward

Become a vehicle of hope and change in the most fun way possible - and add a sparkling memory to your guests' Portland itinerary.

It’s always a win-win for Portlander's and others when you Play It Forward.

Your wait for a philanthropic spin on team building and social gaming has ended. Your leisure time becomes do-gooder time when you become a vehicle of hope and change in the world. And to think that it takes just a click of your mouse to be a player in charitable community building.

Whether you are eco-conscious or eager to support a cause, you instantly earn karma points when your team embarks on its first mission. You may engage in sporting competition with other teams to get the most toys for underprivileged kids, put together a care package for our troops overseas, construct a community garden, or lead beautification projects in neighborhood that have gotten short shrift for too long. When you Play It Forward, you take a direct role in problem solving some of the challenges that come with trying to make the world a better place. As a result, you can end the day seeing and being the change you’ve wanted to see in the world.

Make a Charitable Offering SoonUnlike our other games, which can be arranged in short notice, our Event Managers and Game Directors need time to prepare your Play It Forward game. Contact us now to arrange your date/time.

The experience, gratitude and real life results of your Play It Forward event are immediate and truly lasting. You will hardly believe that helping others can be more fun and rewarding, so
contact us today to book a game now!

Additional Information

Catered meals, light appetizers or box lunches available for an additional fee.


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