On Flavor Street, try the best and skip the rest of Portland's street food

Flavor Street Food Tour

Taste Portland's amazing curbside cuisine with experts who visit the best and skip the rest.

Check out Portland’s amazing curbside cuisine! Let our Resident Experts take your guests on a personal walking tour of the city’s best food carts, tasting trucks, and hidden kitchens, where former four-star chefs and other culinary entrepreneurs scoop up mighty morsels on an international scale. This isn’t fast food - it’s flavor with flair, for savvy munchers on the go.

What’s up with these food carts? You’ve read about them in magazines and seen them on TV shows like "The Great Food Truck Race," “Man Vs. Food” and Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" - and you’ve seen them on the streets. We’ll show you the best - not just the best-known. Join all of Portland’s foodies on this two-hour trek of tempting tastes, from the Mayor of Portlandia to the Timbers Army. You’ll laugh all through lunch!

Eat like a local. We didn't invent the food cart in Portland; we've just perfected it. Sip, nibble, and taste for yourself as our Resident Experts (aka your personal tour guides) divulge the inside scoop on why Portlanders form block-long queues to the 700+ tiny tasting trucks dotting the cityscape, serving an incredible diversity of international and creative cuisines. No longer the province of pretzels and hot dogs, our local foodivores offer flavor temptations ranging in reach from African to Venezuelan, Cajun to Chicago-style and Maine to Malibu.

Visit the best, skip the rest. With so much to choose from, it’s easy to make a mealtime mistake you’ll regret all week. Our personable, knowledgeable local expert guides will help you navigate the crowds and show you which meals are deals - and which queues to avoid. Along the way they’ll share the story behind the phenomenon that has changed city streets and parking lots into hip places for a posh nosh. You’ll never look at street vendors the same way!

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Minimum Tour Length: 2 hours
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Please let us know in advance about any food/dietary allergies or restrictions.

Additional Stops

Customized stops available. Contact Us for more information.


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