Best of Portland

Best of Portland Walking Tour

Experience the best of Portland - the green and eco-friendly way.

We’ll keep your tour guests laughing as they discover inside secrets while visiting Portland's most popular attractions. From the world’s smallest park to the hidden but beautiful Portlandia statue, they’ll experience why this tour won the Best Tour from CitySearch and Willamette Week’s award for “Best Way to Fake Being a Native.” This leisurely walk is Portland’s best sightseeing value.

Experience Portland the green and eco-friendly way. This award-winning walk clarifies why Portland is regularly recognized as one of the best places to live. By the end of our walk, your guests may want to move here too. They’ll hear about early and modern Portland and witness an enlightened city rich with artwork, parks, bridges, fountains and friendly people. This 1½ mile walk (with no steps or hills) meanders through the most fascinating portions of the city, leading eventually to the beautiful waterfront.

Some of the things they'll see include:

  • a weather machine that most locals know nothing about
  • over 30 public art pieces, including Portlandia and a controversial naked statue with some unique nicknames
  • something that appears to be an Elk
  • the actual penny flipped to name the city
  • and lots more!

Since Hometown Advantage owns Portland Walking Tours, you can be confident that this tour is led by professionals. For more information about this Best of Portland Walking Tour, please visit the website, or call our sales office at (888) 604-3352.

Minimum Tour Length: 2 hours

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