Photo courtesy of Sara M. Sellards

The Beer Here! Coach Tour

See why beer lovers everywhere affectionately call Portland "Beervana"

Beer might have originated in ancient Asian cultures, but Portland is the epicenter of the modern craft brewing renaissance, with over 35 microbreweries in the area. The Beer Here! Coach Tour is a fun and memorable introduction to Portland's "beery" side. Let our Resident Experts be your insider guide to the best of Portland's craft breweries.

On this tour, you will enjoy:

  • Behind-the-scenes tours of Portland's premier artisan breweries
  • Tastings of some of the best beer that "Beervana" has to offer, from fruit beers and IPAs to porters and dark ales
  • An opportunity to discover firsthand the art and science of brewing

Our Resident Experts will also share the fascinating story of Portland's transformation into a premier craft brewing hub and the role of organics and sustainability in Portland's beer industry. This is an unforgettable tour for beer lovers!

By arrangement for private groups only.

Contact Us for more information.

Minimum Tour Length: 3 hours
Additional Information

A meal during this event is strongly encouraged, either a boxed lunch or lunch on your own.

Additional Stops

Additional stops available.

Additional Costs

Tasting room fees vary depending on itinerary, but will generally range from $5-$8 per stop.


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