Decipher secret clues to earn points and win the game

Alias and Alibi

Challenge your tour guests to a thrilling game where they solve a crime before it happens. It's James Bond meets Get Smart meets Clue with a little bit of CSI.

This game is Alias & Alibi: a live-action, immersive spy game. Think James Bond meets Get Smart meets 24 with a little bit of CSI thrown in for good measure.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to foil the diabolical plans of our villain du jour. This is your first assignment as a new recruit and other spy teams are out there, eager to get the points, the credit and the victory!

Alias & Alibi is not just any game, it is the Northwest's most dangerous game: Brain versus Brain.

Your secret dossier may instruct you to analyze cryptic e-mails, decipher word puzzles, or confront villains, contacts and thugs (Run Brain Run Secret Agents, of course). Don’t be shaken as you stir up new clues. Each evil plan thwarted leads to another, more challenging mission. Each mission provides amusing chances for your fellow spies to use pluck and perception to pick up the trail of the quarry, rescue innocent victims and preserve priceless artifacts. Once the mission objective is reached, meet back at home base for a lively awards ceremony.

Anyone can enjoy Alias & Alibi. There are no prerequisites, no entry quizzes nor Festivus feats of strength necessary - just your desire to immerse yourself in an alternative reality and explore something different. Evil schemes won’t derail themselves, so contact us and arrange a date to play your day away in an imaginary world of high-stakes risk and reward.

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Box lunch available for an additional fee.


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