A Gorge-ous Mistake NOT to make

We are very fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest, with all of its magnificent beauty.

As crazy as it may seem, some residents of the Pacific Northwest live their whole lives and never partake of the region's amazing charms.

Recently I met just such a person, who has never visited the Columbia Gorge.

Huh?? Are you kidding me?

Just an hour's drive from Portland, the Gorge's rich history and breathtaking natural beauty make for an outstanding day trip.

History buffs love to retrace Lewis and Clark’s epic Journey of Discovery along what was once Sam Hill's crazy dream and is now Oregon’s Historic Scenic Highway.

Mountains rise 4,000 feet straight up from the only sea-level passage through the imposing Cascade Mountains, providing an amazing backdrop to the natural and man-made wonders of this ice-age-carved passage.

This person has never witnessed the breathtaking views from the Vista House on Crown Point, perhaps the most beautiful travelers’ rest station ever built, perched ominously atop sheer cliffs hundreds of feet above the majestic Columbia River.

My friend has yet to visit Multnomah Falls - at 620 feet, one of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world, or Bonneville Dam, one of the gorge’s man-made wonders.

Don't make my friend's mistake.

Get out there. See it. Breathe the fresh air. Do not wait.

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